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Food Security Now Launches

We believe that knowledge is power, and when communities have access to localized data, we can better advocate for change. 
Get food insecurity data for your community

Building Power and Resilience

Community Food Centres work hard to bring people together to support each other.
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CFCC Response to Federal Budget 2024

Explore the budget's impact on food insecurity

This is how we grow, together

“The food brings back memories of my mom. I find everyone to be friendly. When I am a little down, I will come here and see staff smiling. It reminds me that life can still be good.” — Community member, NorWest Co-op CFC, Winnipeg

Your impact
  • illustration of hands piled on top of one another
    people feel like they belong to a community
  • illustration of a budding plant
    growth in our Good Food Organization movement from coast to coast to coast.
  • illustration of a kitchen stove
    people feel more confident preparing food for themselves or others
  • illustration of a megaphone
    Canadians wrote to their MPs to demand progressive policy change in our Beyond Hunger campaign
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